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Media Assistant at PlA Media

I was a media assistant at a public relations and marketing firm in Nashville, Tennessee. I managed a variety of client's social media accounts, wrote press releases and attended new client meetings. I assisted clients during CMAfest by making sure they were at the right place when they were supposed to be and helped promote their music. During my time here I also managed a songwriters' social media accounts who had cerebral palsy.

Marketing Intern at Wrapsody

I was a marketing intern at Wrapsody, a spunky boutique in Auburn, Alabama. I managed Wrapsody's social media accounts and their blog. I created promotional emails to customers using MyEmma. I also assisted in planning in-store events.

Marketing Ambassador for Aerie

I promoted the Aerie Happy Tour on my social media. I also encouraged my classmates and fellow students to attend the pop-up shop by passing out fliers on and off campus.

Sales Associate at Wrapsody

I was involved in new product launches for brands such as Vera Bradley, Hobo and Ronaldo Designer Jewelry. I also used skills such as customer service, merchandising and inventory control.

Sales Associate at the Auburn Team Shop

I implemented my leadership skills by training new employees and teaching them how to merchandise products, how to use the cash register and opening and closing duties.

Assistant to a Wedding Planner

I was an assistant to a Birmingham wedding planner by helping with the day of the wedding duties such as making sure vendors arrived on time and making sure the wedding party was where they were supposed to be. I also helped with setting up the venue. I got to see what it takes to be a wedding planner and gained experiences that broadened my knowledge of planning events.




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